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How do I get touchup paint for my car? 
If you know the paint code for your vehicle go to the " Order Now " button and it will take you to the "Order Page," enter your information, pay with your Credit Card, and we will send you a Classic Car Colours touchup kit. If you need help to find your colour code go to the" Paint Cde Locator" page and it will help guide you. You can also call or email us at and we will do our best to help. 


How much does paint touchup cost?
Having a service touch up your car can cost from $150 to $300 depending on the how much work is needed. This does not include body work or repainting panels.
What does it cost to fix a scratch?
$300 to $900 depending on size of scratch, location, amount of work needed and quality of repair.
How do I fix stone chips on my car?
Our system is simple, wipe chips with Cleaner Leveler Solution, brush in Classic Car Colours touchup paint, level repair with Cleaner Leveler Solution  to remove excess.
What causes paint chips?
Stones and other debris being thrown against your car's paint coming from the tires on cars and trucks in front of you and in the other lane going in the opposite direction. 


Is this difficult to do?
No, with a little practice and our instructions, anyone can do this.  Our kits are designed for home use and to produce excellent results.

Can Classic Car Colours paint harm my car?
We have never had that happen.  We do suggest a trial in a non-obvious spot first.

Do paint chips need to be sanded?
No.  Our system is meant to put paint in the chips

When would the paint damage be too much for a Classic Car Colours kit?
Any metal damage like dents and disfiguration  Chips larger than your baby finger, scratches and larger chips will not disappear so you may want to talk to a body shop if you want perfection.

Is it possible to achieve professional paint touchup with a Classic Car Colours kit?
Yes.   Our kits are designed so that with a little practice anyone can achieve professional results.

What other blemishes can a Classic Car Colours kit fix?
Our kits are meant for paint chips and minor scratches but also can repair edges of inner rocker panels where a small area of paint has rubbed off.

Do I need to buy special tools for paint chip repair?
No, the car needs to be clean so if you have a bucket, sponge, towel or chamois you are all set!

How will the repair look?
From several feet away you should not see the smaller chips but if you look close enough you will find them sealed with paint and no blob or overspray around them.  Larger chips are more obvious but the repair is far superior to dabbing sticks and you are still preserving the integrity of your paint at much less cost than a body shop.

How long does the repair last?
We have seen repairs that are several years old that are still fine.

How long does the paint last in the bottle?
If your paint goes hard/solid within 60 days we will replace it for you at no charge.  If it starts to thicken you can add a drop or two of lacquer thinners to the bottle, replace lid, and shake well.  This will thin the paint down so you can use it.

Will your paint work on my metallic colour?
Yes, we have had different forms of metallics since the 1950s.

Does it fix scratches?
Yes, they will diminish but not totally disappear.  Our paint will help protect your car from rust developing in the chips.

How do I find my paint code?
Use our Paint Code Locator on our website.  If you cannot find it, please contact us at

Will it be messy?
No, if you do make a mess, use our Cleaner Leveler Solution right away to remove the excess paint and then try again

Made in Canada