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Colour Support

We use the paint code supplied by you to custom mix your paint using a manufacturer's formula which we compare, if possible, to one of our appoximately 50,000  sample chips. Although we cannot have a sample of every colour; we are constantly adding to our library to better serve our customers. 
If you have a problem with the colour match:
Check that the paint code on our bottle matches the one on your car.
Make sure your car has not been repainted a different shade. If it has been repainted to the original colour be aware there can still be variations. 
Be sure you have followed our included instructions properly and completely and complete the repairs. You will see the best results when the repair process is completed. 
If the result is not satisfactory, take pictures of the finished repair and email them to us. Computer monitors are not reliable for matching colours but we can usually get a good enough idea of the problem from email pictures. 
We will review the photos and do our best to provide satisfaction. We want you pleased with our products and service.

Made in Canada