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Who are we?

My wife Elva and I are both originally from Toronto and have been involved in the collector car hobby for many years. While working as a detailer in the early 1990s I saw an opportunity to provide touchup service for car dealers that would come in between the expense and inconvenience of body shops and the poor results of detailers armed and dangerous with "dabbing sticks". I happened on an American based system for neatly repairing paint chips and minor scratches and "The Touchup Guy" was born in 1995. The mobile business, which involved mixing paint on the spot and repairing paint chips, scratches and minor blemishes, grew to service car dealers and private customers in Grey/Bruce counties in Ontario. During this time we decided to not expand although customer demand skyrocketed and we ended up dividing the area, I trained a friend who wanted in on the business and he is still operating independently in the northern reaches of the territory.

Forward to the new millennium and business remained strong including requests to service customers from distant locations. This lead to taking the commercial system I used and modifying it for home use and  "ChipFixx" was born in 2011. This involved setting up a website where customers ordered do it yourself kits which included paint custom mixed for each order and everything needed to complete the repair to a professional level. In the last couple of years, it really grew although the amount of sales had increased dramatically each year from day one. Now it was bigger than Elva and I had envisioned and our son Mike was keen to be part of it so he has taken over that business.

That leads us to "Classic Car Colours" which specializes in the same system as ChipFixx but now we have gathered the information on cars from 1980 back to the 30s. We did deal with many car collecting customers as ChipFixx and understand the unique challenges of providing paint to touchup their vehicles. We are collectors ourselves and belong to a large multi make club which we helped form along with other hobbyists.

David Allen 


Made in Canada